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A no-frills option. This box provides fresh produce essential for a healthy diet. Perhaps you have basic ingredients at home, but need a boost in nutrients and flavour! 

What’s in the bag? 

A dozen free-range eggs and your customised selection of:

  • 1x Choukette bread loaf
  • 1x Choukette baguette
  • 1x small fruit 'n' veg box (choose 4 kinds of fruits, 4 kinds of veggies, 3 kinds of greens, and 1 flavour maker)

We'll be contacting you via email, text message or phone call for any further changes.  

You can complement over 10 meals for two people with this amount of produce. Get creative and stay tuned for more recipes!

The bread and pastries are baked fresh the morning of your delivery. That's why we are FRESH 4 U!