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This bundle is for all our Choukette lovers out there.

Choukette has been operating for over a decade in our community. We deliver to your doorstep the best of this Sydney Road-based bakery, which is adored by so many. 

What’s in the bag? 

A dozen free-range eggs and your customised selection of:

  • 6x Choukette pastries
  • 1x Choukette bread loaf
  • 1x Choukette baguette
  • 1x Choukette housemade jam

to satiate all your breakfast desires!

The bread and pastries are
baked fresh the morning of your delivery. That's why we are FRESH 4 U!

We'll be contacting you via email, text message or phone call for any further changes.  

TIP: the bread loaf will keep for a few days, ideally in a dimly lit space. A breadbox in the pantry is old fashioned, but ideal (that’s if it doesn’t get devoured in one sitting!).